Gift Giving Etiquette

When it comes to gift-giving, it’s common for divorced parents to try to outdo each other.  Your ex may have limitless financial resources allowing them to purchase your children over-the-top, extravagant gifts that you cannot afford to buy.  This may leave you feeling like you can’t compete. You should not compete; don’t play the game.  

co parenting gifts

The good news is that your children will love you no matter what (just as you love them).  You can’t buy your child’s love, so don’t try to. A divorced couple can play that game right into the poor-house.  Or, you can work together. Christmas is an excellent opportunity for you and your ex to put aside any residual bs and come together as parents.  The biggest, coolest gift your children receive should be coming from a cooperative enterprise, formed between you and your ex, named Santa Claus.  

The list below includes some ideas for co-purchased gifts.  I’ve tried to include options suitable for a wide array of ages from youth through teen.  All of these are big-time gifts that come in small, easy-to-transport sizes:

  • Nintendo DS
  • iPod / iPad
  • iPhone / mobile phone
  • Laptop computer