After a 10-year marriage and the birth of our second daughter, my wife and I divorced. It wasn’t pretty. Ours was a highly-contentious divorce and custody fight that lasted just over one year. We were days away from going to trial over the custody of our children. Thankfully, we never entered the courtroom to battle over custody. But suddenly, we did find ourselves single parents, facing a completely altered reality and lifestyle.

Co-Parenting & Divorce

If you are facing down the same uncertain circumstances, this book is for you. You may have already divorced, or may currently be in the process of divorcing. If you have children, will share custody, and plan to play an active role in their life, I wrote this book for you. My hope is that it will bring you some degree of comfort and guidance in what is likely a very tough time for you.

co parenting after divorce

The only thing that carried me through some of the toughest times was the love I have for our children. My proudest accomplishment at that point was my children; they are still my proudest accomplishment today. If you feel the same way about your kids, you will succeed. You will get through the tough times. You will be happy and whole again.

I have learned so much in the past 10 years. I have made so many mistakes. Hopefully, you can learn from what I have learned of co-parenting. I can assure you, with complete certainty, that it is far better for you to save yourself the trouble of repeating my missteps; read my book and learn from my mistakes.